Privacy Policy

1) Collection/Usage

The usage of any and all personal information provided to Francfranc shall be limited within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers at the time of obtaining information. The information may be, however, used for product development or marketing activities by Francfranc or related companies.

2) Security

Francfranc shall maintain the appropriate security measures in order to prevent illegal access to or leakage of customer's personal information.

3) Disclosure to third parties

Francfranc shall not disclose any customer's personal information to third parties unless approved by the respective customer. There are exceptions, however, in case of providing a customer's personal information to related companies for the purposes stated in clause 1 of this section, or in case of outsourcing the task to send out direct mailings or e-mails to other vendors, or in case there is an appropriate cause for disclosure based on the law.

4) Management of personal information by outsourced companies

Francfranc shall enforce appropriate handling and protection of customers' personal information by related companies or outsourced companies to whom customers' personal information is provided or disclosed in accordance with the previous clause. Further, disclosing or providing information to a third party or use of information for anything other than the purpose of use stated in clause 1 are prohibited.

5) Discontinuance of provision of information

If you do not wish to receive information regarding products and services by Francfranc or related companies, we will discontinue doing so upon notification.

6) Disclosure/Corrections, etc.

If you wish to confirm or correct your personal information, we will promptly respond to your request.

7) Change in Policy

Francfranc shall comply with laws and government decrees, etc., regarding the handling of customers' personal information. Also this policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary. Therefore, please keep in mind that this policy may be changed or amended without prior notice.