We create designs that make your everyday life more fun.

We are not just creating things, but also fun experiences for the customers. Francfranc products encourage invigorating lifestyles full of fun and happiness.

Even quicker. Always flexible.There’s no such thing as ‘completion’

We don’t believe in being caught up in a single aesthetic. That’s because things that were valued yesterday may become outdated by tomorrow.

We strive to provide new value by being flexible, ever-changing and smart. That’s the purpose of ‘VALUE by DESIGN’, the vision of our company.

Join us and share in the values of the current era. You’ll be moved in fresh new ways, always different from those of the past. We aim to constantly add richness to your day while exercising an inventive, outside-of-the-box way of thinking.

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Fumio Takashima

Though products change with time, people never stop pursuing affluence in their lives

We here at Francfranc hope to treat our customers as close friends. That’s why we don’t want to force conventional products on them.

Time goes by and people's tastes and lifestyles change. But if you come to our shop, you’ll be sure to find value that fits you at that very time. That’s what we are all hoping to accomplish.

Products that add color to daily life. A shop worth visiting. We hope you visit us in the next era with the same sense of expectation. We’re sure that we’ll be able to have a wonderful time together.

Representative Director, Executive Vice President
Kazuyuki Sano

Our Team

Executive Officer, General Manager, New Business Development Department
Kenji Okamoto

Our aim is to become a brand loved for more than 100 years

When I first joined this company, the staff had great enthusiasm. We were all convinced that Francfranc would become a brand that would shape the Japanese interior furnishing market. That enthusiasm drove us all to grow and contribute to the company. This positive cycle continues to this day. We need people with love, persistence and ambition. At our company, challenges are always provided to anyone willing to make the plunge. If we can add a little more speed to this climate, I believe Francfranc can truly be a company that people will love for more than 100 years.

Section Manager, Operation Support Section
Shinko Kawata

Looking back at my years here, it hits me that I love this job

Every day was exciting during my first year. I felt fulfilled during my fifth year. I'm now entering my tenth year, and through hardships and constant tension, I finally feel that I’ve grown. Although there are difficulties, of course, I enjoy this job and find it fulfilling. This is my wonderful relationship with Francfranc.

Section Chief, Product Sixth Section, Accessory Product Development Department
Miyuki Ando

I manage to excel because I’m supported by those around me

I work shortened hours while raising my child, but I'm still able to find this job rewarding. That’s because I'm constantly supported by many people every day – people from work and people outside of work. Things can get difficult when we're working on developing products that are scheduled to be made up to six months later. But the more difficult things are, the greater the happiness when we overcome hardships and complete the process together.

Subsection Chief, 2nd Division, Interior Product Development Department
Sana Tamai

Stay ambitious, continue to take on new challenges

Francfranc is a brand that lives from our customers' smiles. ‘How does this look from the customer’s perspective?’ ‘Are we listening to our customers and taking in their opinions?’ ‘Are the Product Development Department's intentions reflected in the shop space?’ ...I always think about such things while I work. We’re able to try various things because the work environment allows us to be creative with ideas about everything from shop spaces to product development. I hope to continue to take on all the challenges that this job has to offer, all while making full use of the skills and values held by both myself and my colleagues.